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Top 5 Favorite BookTubers!

BookTube LogoI’ve been watching BookTube for almost a year now and I love the BookTube community and it was partially due to BookTube that I decided to start my bookish blog.

Watching the different BookTubers discuss the same book with different interpretations and impressions of the books really adds to what this web-based reading community can bring.

BookTube has allowed me to consider book I’ve read (or sworn off reading) in new ways, have made me think critically about books I’ve loved, liked, or hated, and have given me some unique perspectives on books I’ve never considered. Also, most of my TBR lists come from watching BookTubers gush about they’re favorites. I haven’t watched that many BookTubers; that being said the following individuals are the BookTubers I find myself checking out the most.


Like with most things in the bookish community, my opinions are my own and I may mention someone on here that you don’t like or leave off your favorite BookTuber.

Let me know in the comments who your favorite BookTubers are!

Without further ado, my top five favorite BookTubers are:

PeruseProject - Regan




















Cece - ProblemsofaBookNerd





Who are your favorite BookTubers and why?

Any there any BookTubers that you recommend?

Let me know in the comments!

** I do not own any of these images. Images were obtained from social media and Google and used exclusively to identify the individual being mentioned. **

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