Simply Earth

Simply Earth – Unboxing & Review

Hey friends! Thank you all so much for bearing with me during this hiatus! I think I'm officially back and I can't wait to get back into the bookish community! Today, I have an unboxing post (yes, I'm going to be doing these again!) and though it's only one box, this may be a new… Continue reading Simply Earth – Unboxing & Review

ThinkGeek Capsule Unboxing · Unboxings

ThinkGeek Capsule (#1) Unboxing

Hey everyone! So this subscription service isn't book related, but it is fandom related so I hope you enjoy it! You can also watch my unboxing here: For those of you not familiar with ThinkGeek, it's a fantastic fandom store. They have merch for most fandoms out there in addition to other geeky goodies.… Continue reading ThinkGeek Capsule (#1) Unboxing