Monthly TBRs

Preparing for my O.W.L.s | April & ReadAThon TBR

Hello friends, Well, these last couple months have been...interesting to say the least. I've had brief bursts where I got a lot of reading done and days to weeks where I haven't gotten any reading done. For this month, I know I'm going to be focusing more on my school work at the end of… Continue reading Preparing for my O.W.L.s | April & ReadAThon TBR

Book Hauls

March 2018 | Book Haul

Hey friends, Well...last month I did warn that this month's haul was going to be considerably larger than the previous months. Turns out I didn't know how right I was. This month I hauled 19 books...oops. In my defense, I only bought one of these books this month, the rest were from subscription boxes, publishers,… Continue reading March 2018 | Book Haul

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday | Books On My Spring TBR

Hey friends, Happy Tuesday everyone! I'm one midterm from freedom and 10 days from spring break, so we are almost back to a regular-ish upload schedule! Thank you all for bearing with my irregular uploads and your kind words on my Life Update post. Your continued support means so much! Anyways, today is Tuesday which… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday | Books On My Spring TBR