Monthly Wrap-Ups

September 2019 | Wrap-Up

Hi friends! September was a weird month, but I was still able to knock out 9 books! Most of these were rereads and an overwhelming amount of these books were consumed via audiobook, but hey, I'm still happy with this number. My video wrap-up should be up soon, if you want my thoughts on these… Continue reading September 2019 | Wrap-Up

Monthly Wrap-Ups

December 2018 | Wrap-Up

Hi friends! So, if you follow me on Twitter, you'd know I was taking a bit of a social media hiatus this month. This was not intentional, but I've been feeling some major burnout this month. I have just been unhappy with any content I've drafted up or haven't had the energy to edit filmed… Continue reading December 2018 | Wrap-Up

Monthly Wrap-Ups

November 2018 | Wrap-Up | Blogmas Day 6

Hi friends! Ah, it's been so long since I've done a wrap up. I actually did a hug wrap up for the summer (July - September) and a separate one for October. So if you're interested in seeing how my reading was for those months, be sure to check out those videos. But on to… Continue reading November 2018 | Wrap-Up | Blogmas Day 6

Film Friday

Film Friday | November Releases​ I Can’t Wait to See

Hey friends, Happy November everyone! Does anyone else feel like this time of the year sees a bunch of great new releases? I feel like we get a nice peak over the summer and then a final peak around the holiday season. I've also noticed so many trailers of movies or shows that make me… Continue reading Film Friday | November Releases​ I Can’t Wait to See

Monthly TBRs

November 2018 | TBR

Hello friends, Happy November everyone! Though my past few TBRs have kind of been shit shows, I'm still going to try to follow one for November, if for nothing else than to hold myself accountable for books I need to read. I will have separate TBRs going up for Lalathon, Mythothon, and any other November TBRS I'm attempting!… Continue reading November 2018 | TBR

FairyLoot Unboxing · Unboxings

FairyLoot Unboxing | November 2017

Hi friends, Sorry this post came so late! I just got to taking my unboxing pictures yesterday. FairyLoot, you guys nailed it again. I've been highly anticipating this box since they announced the theme and I'm so excited to show you guys what's inside. Unfortunately, I was spoiled for this box like a day before… Continue reading FairyLoot Unboxing | November 2017

OwlCrate Unboxing · Unboxings

OwlCrate Unboxing | November 2017

Hi everyone! OwlCrate has seriously stepped up their game. I've always been a fan, but these last few months have really blown me away! If you want your own OwlCrate box, you can subscribe by clicking here. Single boxes and past boxes also available on the website (more details at the bottom of the post!). If you'd… Continue reading OwlCrate Unboxing | November 2017