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Birthday Book Tag // Not Tag Tuesday…But Close

Hey friends! This is coming up super late, but it's still my birthday for like 20 more minutes (okay, well it was when I started this post. It's technically after midnight now buuuuuuut we're still gonna count it!) First, sorry for disappearing these last few days! I've been reading and prepping some posts, so we'll… Continue reading Birthday Book Tag // Not Tag Tuesday…But Close

Monthly Wrap-Ups

July 2018 | Wrap-Up

Hi friends! Well, July has been an insanely busy month for me, but I've survived. I successfully defended my just actually need to get on those edits. I just got done moving from New York to California AND I'm looking for a big girl job. BUT in the midst of all of the things,… Continue reading July 2018 | Wrap-Up