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Birthday Book Tag // Not Tag Tuesday…But Close

Hey friends! This is coming up super late, but it's still my birthday for like 20 more minutes (okay, well it was when I started this post. It's technically after midnight now buuuuuuut we're still gonna count it!) First, sorry for disappearing these last few days! I've been reading and prepping some posts, so we'll… Continue reading Birthday Book Tag // Not Tag Tuesday…But Close

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February 2018 | Wrap Up

Hey friends, Ah, can you believe that we're already into March? 2018 is definitelyΒ flying by (which also means the end of the semester is right around the corner)! February was a weird reading month for me. I was in a reading slump for the first two weeks of the month, but fortunately broke out of… Continue reading February 2018 | Wrap Up