Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday | Favorite Book Bloggers/BookTubers

Hey friends, Ah! I am SO excited for this week's prompt! I've been wanting to shout out some of my favorites for a while, but wasn't sure exactly how to do them justice in a dedicated post! Today's post is perfect since I can share some of the people I'm totally stanning. Also, this post… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday | Favorite Book Bloggers/BookTubers

Favorites Lists

Top 5 Favorite BookTubers!

I've been watching BookTube for almost a year now and I love the BookTube community and it was partially due to BookTube that I decided to start my bookish blog. Watching the different BookTubers discuss the same book with different interpretations and impressions of the books really adds to what this web-based reading community can… Continue reading Top 5 Favorite BookTubers!