Review Policy

Please see below for my book review policy.

2018-03-23 23.21.57I am currently accepting books for review, however, I am extremely picky with books I will accept. I strive to read all books rapidly and in the order, they are received (unless special requests are made and agreed upon).

All reviews will be honest and will include a book promotion (image of the cover, written title, author spotlight/biography, link to available websites to purchase the book (these can be specified upon request), and link to author’s website; promotion will be shared on my blog and social media). For examples of my previous reviews, please refer to my “Review” page.

My favorite genres are fantasy, contemporary, and mystery/thriller and I accept books from all age ranges. As these are my favorite genres, there is a better chance I will enjoy your work. That being said, I’ve been looking to branch out and will consider other genres.

Genres I do NOT accept:

  • Non-Fiction
  • Religious
  • Memoirs
  • Historical Fiction (with few exceptions)

I do accept self-published work.

Please send all business inquiries to 

Inquiries should include the following:

  • Book Title
  • Author Name
  • Publisher Name
  • Date the review is needed by*
  • A spoiler-free synopsis of the book and/or a link to a GoodReads profile

Physical copies are accepted (including completed copies, advanced reader copies, and manuscripts) and are my preferred book format. That being said, eBooks are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Usually, I only read eBooks if I received them from NetGalley.


Are reviews declining to review your book? Consider checking out Drew’s post on why bloggers decline books to review.

*Please allow 3-6 weeks for a review, depending on the book length and my schedule. 

**While your book may fit all of the requirements stated above, I do reserve the right to deny any valid requests due to my own personal schedule and/or my level of interest.