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My shop Mystery Boxes By Becky is NOW OPEN!

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My shop is perfect for those who love mystery or subscription boxes! What sets this shop apart is the customization and themes to these boxes. Currently, there are three products available:

  1. A standard mystery box. There is no theme to this one, just some fun and random items.
  2. Relaxing Reads Mystery Box – a box focused on relaxing (something we all need to do this holiday season). This box will include a random book and some other items to help you relax.
  3. Few of My Favorite Things Mystery Box – for this box, you will tell me some things about yourself (things you like, don’t like, and a bit about you), and I will create a custom box. This box is like a gift from a friend and adds to the fun of treating yourself! This box will only include a book if the buyer specifies that they are a reader.

These boxes may include bath, beauty, bookish, and fandom items but are not necessarily book or beauty boxes. Items included in the box may come from thrift stores, book boxes I received, or be purchased new from stores around me. After watching several others be scammed by mystery box sellers in the past, I strive to produce high-quality products.

Though the mystery box craze is appearing to die down, I still know several people that are fans of them. Mystery boxes are a fun way to treat and surprise yourself. These boxes will make great gifts as well! If there is positive reception to these boxes, more themes will be included!

Thank you all in advance for your support!