Goodreads Monday

Goodreads Monday | Fortuna Sword by K.J. Sutton

Hey friends,

I hope you’re all having a fantastic Monday!

I have a busy week ahead as I’m trying to catch up on my BookTube content, get some stuff done around the house that I’ve been putting off, keeping up with blog content, and keeping up with my reading. I feel like I have a good sense of balance right now with everything, here’s to hoping there’s not a burn out lol.

As you’re all aware, today is Monday (at least it still is in the States) meaning it Goodreads Monday!ย For those of you not familiar with this meme, Goodreads Mondays originated on Laurenโ€™s Page Turnersโ€™ blog. To participate, you just showcase a random book from your Goodreads page. I’ve lately twisted this to be more of an “on my radar” style of post, where I highlight books that I’m super interested in but probably won’t be getting to soon or recent releases that I haven’t talked about before, but I’m eyeing.

51217800._SX318_SY475_.jpgTitle: Fortuna Sworn
Author: K. J. Sutton
Publisher: Once Upon a Time Books, LLC
Publication Date: July 1, 2019
Genre(s): Adult, Fantasy (Fae), Romance
Source: Kindle
Pages: 314


We were meant to be seductive. We were designed to lure humans in.

Fortuna Sworn is the last of her kind.

Her brother disappeared two years ago, leaving her with no family or species to speak of. She hides among humans, spending her days working at a bar and her nights searching for him. The bleak pattern goes on and on… until she catches the eye of a powerful faerie.

He makes no attempt to hide that he desires Fortuna. And in exchange for her, he offers something irresistible. So Fortuna reluctantly leaves her safe existence behind to step back into a world of creatures and power.

It soon becomes clear that she may not have bargained with her heart, but her very life.

Initial Thoughts:

I heard the queen, Becca from Becca and the Books talk about this one in one of her reading vlogs (she starts reading it around 12:30) and it sounds so freaking good. When she said this was competing with Maas for her favorite Fae romance, I was super intrigued. I fell in love with Crescent City and it’s currently my favorite read of the year and I’m constantly searching for something to beat it (or be equally as good). This dark fae romance sounds like it can be a contender for a new favorite and I’m so excited.

Have you read Fortuna Sword?

Let me know below!

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