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Top Ten Tuesday | Books I Enjoyed but Rarely Talk About

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Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you’re having an amazing day!

I was so happy to see this was the prompt for this week. I recently posted an All-Time Favorite Books video on my YouTube channel and love that this topic allows me to shout out some other favorites that didn’t make the list!


For those of you not familiar with Top Ten Tuesday, it was a meme created by the lovely bloggers over at The Broke and the Bookish but was moved to That Artsy Ready GirlΒ in 2018. Be sure to check out Jana’s blog for prompts for the rest of the year!

This week for Top Ten Tuesday the topic was Books I Enjoyed but Rarely Talk About!

*These books are in no particular order.

The List:

10. The Storm Runner by J. C. Cervantes – It’s no secret to any of you that I am a HUGE lover of the Rick Riordan presents imprint and this book was another hit. This story was super gripping, funny, and a fun way to learn about Mayan mythology!

9. To Be Honest by Maggie Ann Martin – Omg, I love this book so much. This book is all about accepting yourself and tackling diet culture. There are major tw for disordered eating, negative body talk, and toxic diet culture, if you’re able to read books with those topics, I highly recommend this one. I also loved the heartwarming friendship and cute romance. This is definitely a book high school me would’ve loved.

8. 13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough – Okay, this was one of the first thriller books I read and I still remember the twist for this one. I was absolutely floored and am surprised more people aren’t talking about this book. Definitely a memorable thriller for those new to the genre!

7. The Bone Houses by Emily Lloyd-Jones – Talk about underrated! The Bones Houses was such a gripping fantasy, perfect for the fall. This one features some amazing banter, interesting lore, and super enjoyable MCs. Also there was chronic pain rep in this book that was done so so well!

6. The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi – Okay, this book definitely got a bad rep. I feel like this book was incorrectly compared to Six of Crows, leading readers to go into this one with unrealistic expectations. This book was more like YA Dan Brown or YA National Treasure, a fun heist story with a focus on solving clues. Yes, there is a found family aspect to this, which was done super well, but I think the clue-cracking heist is the thing that readers should go into this book for!

5. Nemesis by Brendan Reichs – OMG WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS SERIES MORE. I feel like I saw a bunch of BookTubers promote this one when the first book came out, but I don’t remember any actual reviews. I read this one because I got an ARC of the sequel and fell in LOVE with this series (I’m so excited to read the third book). This is the Black Mirror sci-fi thriller I adore. The twist in this book was super unexpected and you’re definitely going to want to have Genesis on hand.

4. Sleeping Giants – Sylvain Neuvel – Another super compelling sci-fi book. This one follows the discovery of a mysterious metal hand and the mystery behind what it is leads to dossier-style narrative that will keep you flying through this gripping adventure. Another series where I haven’t read the conclusion yet, but I’m super excited to get to it!

3. Well Met by Jen DeLuca – Okay, 2019 was the year where I went on a bit of a romance kick and this was one that just missed my best of 2019 list! I’m a sucker for romance novels, Ren Faires, and this book was seriously cute and perfect for those who are new to the romance genre. There was one steamy scene, but pretty tame other than that. I’m so excited for the sequel/companion novel and to visit these characters again!

2. A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness – Okay, so this was a book that completely took me by surprise. I absolutely love the mystery and characters and can’t wait to finish the series! Also I’m super excited to check out the adaptation!

1. The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee – Ah, this book is so underrated. This is perfect for lovers of trashy teen CW shows, while having a fun sci-fi twist to it. This book follows 6 teens who live in a futuristic Manhattan. I can’t explain what this book does that other futurist books don’t but this one just hit different for me and the entire trilogy is worth the read!

What are some books you love but don’t talk about as often?

Be sure to let me know below!

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