Monthly TBRs

OWLs + April TBR | 2020

Hello friends,

April is here and things are….still weird.

March was a good reading month in terms of the number of books I read, though I enjoyed significantly less than January or February. That being said, April is the month of the OWLs magical readathon and I’m on a quest to (finally) complete the requirements for becoming an Alchemist!

If you don’t follow me on YouTube or Twitter, you may have missed the fact that I’m trying a new style of TBR for 2020. This wheel is definitely inspired by the lovely Codie at Codie’s Book Corner and has made sticking to me TBRs SO much fun!

The books:


If you want to know what prompts each book works for, feel free to watch my TBR video!



OWL prompts 2 2020 in white.jpeg


Ancient Runes: The Hearts We Sold

Arithmancy: I’ll Be Gone in the Dark

Astronomy: Moonstruck Vol. 2

Care of Magical Creatures: House of Earth and Blood (reread)

Charms: Winterwood

Defense Against the Dark Arts: No book picked yet πŸ™ˆ

Divination: Dare to Fall

Herbology: Middlegame

History of Magic: Harry Potter

Muggle Studies: The Mighty Heart of Sunny St. James

Potions: Moonstruck Vol. 1

Transfiguration: The Alloy of Law

What are you planning on reading this month?

Let me know below!

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