Summer Blogger Promo Tour

Summer Blogger Promo Tour // Week 9 (Wrap Up & Some Thoughts)

Hey friends!

Ah, this is coming so late, sorry everyone! I’ve had some stuff going on this week, most notably a slightly smaller move that happened at the end on August.

I’m hoping to be back to regular posting by the end of the week!

By today’s post is to wrap up the #SBPT hosted by the lovely ladies at TheBookBratz.

If you’re new here and you have no clue what I’m talking about, for the last two months, the lovely Amanda from GiveMeCoffeeGiveMeBooks and I have been collabing on our posts, discussing all things bookish and expanding our reading.

This was done as way to connect different bloggers and also to allow new bloggers to get some guidance from a blogger that has (kind of) figured it out.

Amanda and I have gotten to know each other through this experience and have been able to expand our reading tastes! If you want to know more about her experience, be sure to check out Amanda’s wrap up post!

A few things I took from this:

This experience allowed me to push myself as a blogger. Coming up with creative posts is difficult for all bloggers, but Amanda and I were able to come up with some fun posts (at least we thought they were fun). Having someone to bounce ideas off of and going off of the guide we were given really helped! I also have a few blog posts I want to do in the future that I got inspired to do through this!

One thing that I loved from this is that Amanda and I have such different reading tastes, so learning what she liked and why was super interesting. This really came to light during the weeks where we picked books for the other to read and review! Expanding my reading tastes is something I’ve been working on doing, so having Amanda control my reading really helped with that. I can’t wait to check out the other books she recommended for me!

A major obstacle was keeping up with posting in August. I had some major things going on in my life and I neglected my blog a lot. I tried to keep up with the #SBPT, but had some varying success. Usually my posts were late, but Amanda had a few weeks that were rough for her too, so we were able to get them up around the same time, just a day or two late.

My favorite posts:

During this, Amanda and I got to post some fun and creative posts and of course I have a favorite…or two.

I think my favorite part of this was picking books for Amanda and reviewing the book she picked for me.

Here are the books I picked for Amanda.

Here are the books she picked for me.Β 

Here is her review of the book(s) I picked for her.

Here is my review of the book she picked for me!Β 

This TBR take over spanned three posts (picking the books, the Try A Chapter tag, and the final review) and was so so much fun! I would love to do something like this again!

In addition to these posts, I loved some of the other tags we did such as the Book Titles Tag and our adaptation posts! We had a books & movie themed post and our favorite and least favorite adaptations!

Okay, so I just mentioned almost all the posts we did for this…oops. Yeah This entire thing was fun and I recommend you guys check them all out!

Final thoughts:

Another huge thank you to the Book Bratz for hosting this and for including me! I had SO much fun and would love to do something like this again!

Amanda, I had a blast connecting with you these last two months and hope that we still continue to chat! Congrats for growing your blog so fast! I can’t wait to see what posts you put out in the future!

As mentioned before, this was a fun way to expand my blog’s content and really helped re-inspire me! I will be sporadic for the remainder of this week (sorry friends!), but I have some fun ideas for the upcoming months!

What did you all think of the #SBPT?

Did you participate?

Would you want to participate if something like this was done again in the future?

Let me know below!

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