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REVIVING MY BOOKCLUB & July Book Announcement​ (+ Page Breakdown)

Hey friends!

So…it’s been a while since Audris and I have actually read a book for (or picked a book….or even discussed) our book club. This last semester was incredibly busy for both of us and we kind of let this die.


It’s not summer, and we’re (technically) graduated so we have some more free time on our hands and we really wanted to revive this.

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For the next couple months, we’ll be switching back and forth between who is picking the books. I’m picking July’s, Audris is picking August’s, I’m picking September (it’s my birthday month…so), and if this picks up at all we may have months where we let you guys pick the book!

We’re also going to (actually) attempt to do the live show on August 4th! (Time TBD)

Okay, into the July book pick!

Book pick:

34323570Our book pick for this month is Furyborn by Claire Legrand! (Okay but seriously that cover is stunning)

I’ve personally heard so many amazing things about this book! I’ve had an ARC on this one (thanks FairyLoot!) since November and am super ashamed I haven’t read it yet, but this is the month to get it read! I’m participating in so many readathons and am just going to be reading all the things.

Also, I’ve actually already started this book, but I had to put it down due to school (those pesky finals again) and am super eager to get back into it!

(Audris is also pumped to be reading this one too.)

Page Breakdown:
  • July 15: 1-35
  • July 16: 36-73
  • July 17: 74-103
  • July 18: 104-138
  • July 19: 139-174
  • July 20: 175-209
  • July 21: 210-244
  • July 22: 245-278
  • July 23: 279-315
  • July 24: 316-350
  • July 25: 351-390
  • July 26: 391-426
  • July 27: 427-460
  • July 28: 461-495 (end)

This averages around 35 pages/day, but feel free to read at your own pace!

You can also keep up with the discussion using the tag #hardbacksandsnacksjuly on all social media! I’ll have a Twitter thread and Insta story going with my updates!

We hope that you’ll consider joining us either now or in the future!

Are you reading/have you read Furyborn?

Be sure to let me know below!

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