Life Update — I’m back!

Hi friends!

I’m so sorry for disappearing the last few weeks! I know I mentioned this in some of my other posts, but I’ve had finals and graduation and am finally back to having some time for myself.

I’m so happy to say that starting today, I should be back to the daily or near daily posts! I’ll try to catch up on some of the posts from the last couple months, but will definitelyΒ be caught up moving forward.

What’s new:

After disappearing for a while, I did want to update you all on some of the new things going on.

First, I’m done with school! Well kind of. I’m still finishing my thesis, but that should be done by the end of June. I’m taking a couple years off before going back for my Ph.D. to work, build my CV, and take a much-needed break.

In that time I will be focusing on my reading-related stuff. I’ll be focusing a lot more energy on blogging, YouTube, and Instagram.

I’ll also be working. I’ve had a few interviews and am (anxiously) waiting to hear back. Once I know more, I will gladly update everyone!

Socal Media & Events:

Also in this downtime, I will be trying to do more on social media.

I’ll probably be vlogging more, I think it’s fun and my other vlogs tend to do pretty well. For Twitter and Instagram, I’ll be on there daily with insta-stories and tweeting. I’ll also go back to daily(ish) posts on Insta!

As for the blog, I’ll probably stick with the daily memes for Monday – Friday and add some other fun content on the weekend! I’m also going to get back to reviewing books, especially since I’ll have time to read more again.

I’m also going to Bookcon this weekend! I’ll be there both days and can’t wait to meet some of you guys! If you’re going to Bookcon, let me know!

And finally…

If there is any content ideas or requests you have for the blog, let me know! I’m always looking for new segments/ideas and want to make sure you’re all enjoying what I put out.

I do have some ideas, but would love some feedback as well!


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