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Create Your Own Bookish Beverage | Winter Bibib Day 2

Hi friends,

Well today has been a boring filled with homework and prepping for my final tomorrow. As the day comes to an end, I’m going to be finish more books on my reading list and getting Instagram photos and blog posts ready.

Today’s blog challenge took me some time to put together, but was really fun to do. Will Read for Booze (bloggers after my own heart) has challenged us to create our own bookish beverage. They have left the rules pretty flexible. Be sure to check out their post for full rules.

My Bookish Beverage:

With a name like coffeecocktailsandbooks I HAD to spotlight some sort of bookish drink. I decided to create a cocktail inspired by a new favorite of mine. I haven’t tried this drink out yet and am not even sure if it will be good, but who knows.

This drink was inspired by The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee

Name: All that Glitters

Ingredients: Goldschläger® Cinnamon Schnapp & Champagne

Directions: Dip glass into water and coat with yellow or gold sugar.

Add .5oz of Goldschläger® to glass and top with chilled champagne. Drink will be a gorgeous gold with a hint of spice. Perfect for the parties at the top of the tower.

Inspiration for this drink came from Cooking with Curls’ blog and Gold Royale Cocktail recipe. The above picture is from Cooking with Curl’s post and it also served as inspiration for this made up drink.

What’s a food or drink mentioned in a book that you’d love to try?

Be sure to let me know below!

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