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Rombledore? | Theory Thursday | Blogmas Day 14

Hey friends,

So for this week’s Theory Thursday I asked you guys on Instagram if you wanted a Harry Potter or Star Wars theory. When Harry Potter edged out Star Wars and won, I followed up that request with did you guys want to see another theory I like and support or one that I absolutely detest. Hate won out so here is one of my least favorite theories.

I first saw this theory in a WatchMojo UK list of the Top 10 HP Theories (Published August 2017).

(Jump to 6:14 for the Ronbledore theory).

When researching if this theory is actually a thing, I saw some mixed results. The theory was started back in 2004Β (the link wouldn’t load on my browser so I don’t know the name of the original creator, sorry!) and is considered to be one of the oldest (published) HP theories out there. However, this theory was made before books 6 & 7 were released.

At this point, I thought it was just a dead theory that people were lightly referencing. But in the last few months, people have rediscovered this theory and are heavily supporting it.

This video made by Quiklore was published in 2015.

What really killed this one for me was at the 3:27 mark he directly references the most infamous HP book to screen change:


So yeah, that video in support of this theory didn’t really sell me.

Note: I did stop watching the video at this point.

Then comes along dear Seamus Gorman. His channel blew up in the last year or so when he made a super popular Pixar theory that got a lot of traction. He has also made a few videos debunking theories, including this Ronbledore theory and really highlights many of the things I don’t like about.

Seamus Gorman’s Video:

Though cynical, he brings up several great points.

My thoughts:

So as you guys probably guessed, I hate this theory. While it was clever at the time, letting us think about the HP universe in a new way, the 6th and 7th HP books have debunked this one pretty clearly. Pretending that Ron did the time travel stuff long after the events of Deathly Hallows, other things just don’t make sense. Seamus makes a great point about everyone harping on the fact that Ron and Albus were both tall, skinny, ginger. What?! Two gingers in one franchise? Magic. It’s not like the entire Weasley family is a family of redheads. Nope. Only one is allowed or they’re the same person.Β Same point with the scars or sweets. Having a scar on your knee and liking sweets is solid proof that these two are the same person.

Another thing that really angers me with this theory is the mixed support with book-to-screen changes. Yes, Dumbledore freaked the f out in the Goblet of Fire movie. But not in the book. Yes, Cursed Child exists and ruined the timeline with Time Travel (and is solid fanfic, amirite?). But that doesn’t suggest Ron has a Time Turner or that Ron abandoned his life with Hugo, Rose, and Hermione, and lived a completely different life in the past.

Harry Potter fans should think this theory is stupid. And if you are a HP fan and you like this theory, it’s okay. Muggles are wrong sometimes. That’s fine.

Okay, I’m going to end it here before going into rant mode or talking in circles.

Have you guys seen this theory around?

What do you think of it?

What’s your least favorite HP theory?

Let me know below?

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