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Draco Malfoy is a Werewolf…? | Theory Thursday | Blogmas Day 7

Hi friends,

Welcome to our next installment of Theory Thursday! Today’s theory is probably one of my favorites and despite J. K. Rowling debunking it, I actually think it holds up. This theory is based on the books (except Cursed Child), not the movies, so just a heads up in case there any movie inconsistencies.

I first heard this theory on the SuperCarlinBrother’s YouTube channel (shock I know) and read the post they listed over at dracomalfoyisawerewolf.comย (very appropriately named website, might I add).


Here is the SuperCarlinBrother’sย video for context:

Thoughts and Response:

Like I said above, I freaking love this theory. I honestly think it would almost be better for Draco’s story for it to have gone this way instead of making Draco a Death Eater. First, the Malfoy’s love of being pureblood would be called into question if Draco became a “half-breed” and it could lead to some great character growth.

Also, J makes a great point in the video that they have the threat of Greyback the entire time, but he doesn’t appear to be used. Yeah, Greyback was introduced as he was the werewolf that bit Remus, but you’d think Voldemort would have used Greyback as a punishment more. Lots of things went wrong because of the Golden Trio, but probably the worst for Voldy was definitely the destroying of the diary, aka a freaking Horcrux and lost the prophecy in the Ministry of Magic. Lucius was directly responsible the diary getting destroyed and at another one of the Death Eater meetings, I think in Half-Blood Prince, Voldemort even calls out Malfoy for effing up so badly. Do we really just think he “punished” the Malfoys by making Draco a hitman? Really?? I don’t know, it never made sense to me.

Now, having Greyback bite Draco as punishment actually explains why Lucius and Narcissa are so worried about having Draco fail. Lucis failed and now Draco is a werewolf – if Draco fails, what would Voldemort do next? It also explains why the Malfoys were no longer loyal to Voldemort after the battle of Hogwarts. It’s not likeย this was when the Malfoys realized that Voldy might not have been the best guy to have followed like I’m sure they already knew he was pretty awful. “Dark Wizard” might have given something away. But turning their son, yeah that probably would have done it.

Lastly, it’s all but confirmed that being a werewolf in the HP universe is basically like having HIV/AIDs in the muggle world. If you’re not convinced, just look at why the parents didn’t like Lupin teaching their kids even though he was easily the most competent teacher Harry ever had. Introducing another character with affliction, but framing it in a modern setting could have been such a great allegory for the shifting mindset of our world, from the “AIDs Epidemic” of the 1980s to the education and understanding (and medical advances!!) of the present day.

What do you think of this theory?

Do you think it still holds up?

Like I said, I know that J. K. Rowling has debunked it, but I still believe this one 100%!

Let me know your thoughts below!

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