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Sightwitch News | Bookish News | Blogmas Day 6

Hey friends,

School did it again and if you follow me on Twitter (which you totally should btw!), you’d know I’ve been a total mess these last few days. The stuff from yesterday will be up sometime today (hopefully before you’re seeing this 😬)! Buuuuuuut, when browsing and procrastinating, I saw that Susan Dennard gave us an update on Sightwitch, her newest book slated for an early 2018 release.

Many of her fans probably know this already, but sadly this book’s release has been delayed by 3 weeks. The new release date is February 13, 2018.


Susan Dennard has talked a bit more about what happened in her post here, I highly recommend giving it a read. Susan gives more information about this book’s release along with the publishing process as a whole. She also has a super cool giveaway on there for all the Witchland fans out there!

Also, quick side note, but I don’t think this beautiful cover got enough love. Seriously, are we not all obsessed with it because I totally am! I can’t wait to see this beauty in person!

Have you read the Witchland books? What did you think?

Are you excited for the release of Sightwitch?

Let me know down below!

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