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FairyLoot Unboxing – August 2017

Hey everyone,

Sorry about getting this one up so late! I’m trying to get a new organization system and schedule figured out because of school. 🙄

This box was amazing, as FairyLoot usually is. I was a bit more hesitant with this month’s theme (Otherworlds), but as always they exceeded my expectations. If you guys want to watch my “live” unboxing, be sure to check out my unboxing video:

Spoilers for the August box!
The contents:

2017-09-04 23.14.54-1


2017-09-04 22.56.13-1

🍄 The first item as a candle from Book and Nook shop. Fairyloot sent out five different candles all inspired by the book. I received WitchSoul Mara. Which one did you get?



2017-09-04 23.00.15-1

🍄 The next item we got was a sleep mask made by Bookworm Boutique with the text “Fictional Worlds Fuel My Dreams.” As a lover of sleep masks, I was thrilled to see this in the box!





🍄 Sarah J. Maas fans were thrilled to see the next item – a gorgeous necklace created by Oh Panda Eyes. This necklace is inspired by A Court of Mist and Fury and features a quote about the city of Velaris!


2017-09-04 23.55.57


🍄 The lovely people behind FairyLoot also provided us with a Game of Thrones inspired Westeros tea strainer.



2017-09-04 23.01.54


🍄 We also received a stunning Neverland notebook painted by T J Lubrano. I’m obsessed, the art on this is absolutely gorgeous.




2017-09-04 23.00.29-1

🍄 We also got Lord of the Rings inspired bookmarks from Paperly & Co. Characters from Mirkwood, The Shire, and Gondor were included. As you can see, I receive Legolas and Thranduil representing Mirkwood.



2017-09-04 23.03.02

🍄 An exclusive Northern Lights print created by Adelayde Art was also including. Let’s just take a minute to admire how beautiful this artwork is. I cannot wait to display this on my bookshelves.



2017-09-04 23.01.12

🍄 I can’t get over how jam packed this box was. We also got some bonus promotional material for Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff and Blackwing by Ed Mcdonald along with a discount code to Mini Backdrops (a company I really want to try!).



2017-09-04 23.05.30🍄 Last but not least was the pouch with the book. This month’s book was Wicked Like a Wildfire by Lana Popovic. This book sounds amazing, the cover is stunning, and I can’t wait to read it. In the pouch was also a letter from the author, a signed bookplate, the FairyScoop, the bookmark with the art from the spoiler card, and the buddy read code. Mine is #fairyloot127012!


2017-09-04 23.04.57-1

Like I said before, this was another great box from FairyLoot.

Picking a favorite item is always hard, but I think it might have to be the tea strainer or bookmarks.

What do you think? What was your favorite item?


Book Prediction!

FairyLoot Sept.jpeg

One thing I love to do is to try to guess the book for the following month.

September’s theme is ALL THAT SASS!

I think the book will be Jane, Unlimited by Kristin Cashore (mostly because this is probably my most anticipated September release).

What do you think the book is going to be? Let me know down in the comments!

Fairy Loot

What did you think of the contents of this month’s box?

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