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Hey everyone

The only thing I’ve learned to dislike about the bookish community is that there are WAY too many bookish shops and my wallet contains a very limited amount of money to spend. Despite thisย “problem,” I have tried out some products from various bookish shops and will showcase some of my favorites on my blog.

The first company I want to showcase is the company I’m currently repping for, Mallemir! I first learned of Amber’s jewelry company back in June and fell in love with her shop. Her jewelry is both affordable and is made with an impressive quality. Her designs cater to several fandoms and she ships world wide! For those not interested in jewelry, Amber just released some bookmark designs which are available for preorder.

2017-08-03 00.23.13-1

Since discovering her company, I have started to form a small collection of her pieces. These pieces are great complements to outfits and make exquisiteย props for bookstagrammers. Once my bank account replenishes a bit, I’ll be ordering some bookmarks from her too!

Be sure to check out her shop and remember to use my code CCBOOKS15 to save 15% on all orders during the month of August!

**I make no commission from this code. This is just a little something for you!**

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