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LitJoy Crate Unboxing – July 2017

Hey everyone!

This past month, I wanted to give a new subscription box service a try. I’ve heard amazing things about LitJoy Crate and thought that they were a perfect choice. Also look at the graphic they chose for this month. How could I not?

LitJoy Crate Slight of Hand

July’s theme was “Slight of Hand”

🎩🃏Spoilers for the July 2017 LitJoy Crate!🃏🎩

The contents of the box were:

2017-08-07 20.53.41

2017-08-07-20-53-10.png🃏Jane Austen playing cards created by Prospero Art

2017-08-07 20.53.13🎩We also got some orange blossom perfume created by @wickandfable that smells amazing!

2017-08-07 20.53.17🃏A book locket necklace inspired by the book of the month. The book is inspired by the Ars Arcana or the Book of Mysteries.

2017-08-07 20.53.28🎩New York Jazz coloring book created by @walterfoster inspired by the 1920s setting of the book. I LOVE coloring books and getting this panorama style coloring book was amazing!

2017-08-07 20.53.24🃏Inej Artist Print created by Stephanie Brown (@offbeatworlds). This print. Oh my gosh. The book in this month’s box reminded the LitJoy crew of Sox of Crows (and from what I got from the synopsis, I can see why!)

2017-08-07 20.53.33🎩The book for this month was the Last Magician by @lisamaxwell13 (published by @simonteen). We also got a book mark with the book’s cover on it, a letter from the author, and a signed book plate!





What did you think of the contents of this month’s box?

Interested in September’s box*? Subscribe to LitJoy Crate here**.

You can purchase one box or subscribe to one of three plans (monthly, 3 months, or 6 months) for YA, Middle Grade, or Picture Book boxes! Plans start at $29.99 USD.

* August boxes are sadly sold out. September boxes are on sale now!

**The above link is just a link to the LitJoy Crate website. I make no profit off of it, I’m just trying to spread the book love!

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