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Reading for 24 hours straight?! – Read-A-Thon Announcement

Hello bookish friends!

I found out last night that @lexdidemsbookcorner is hosting a 24-Hour Read-A-Thon over on Instagram. The Read-A-Thon is scheduled for 8pm Saturday to 8pm Sunday Australian time. Since I’m in the US, I’m going to be doing my version all day Saturday (midnight to midnight).

The goal for the Read-A-Thon is to read more than you normally would. I’ve been pretty behind on my reading due to traveling and am hoping that this Read-A-Thon helps jump-start my August reading.


IlluminaeIlluminae by Amie Kauffman and Jay Kristoff

Hey look, Illuminae is showing up on another TBR list. In all seriousness, I will actually be finishing this book this month (weekend). I have 300 pages left of this book and if I don’t have time to finish it before Saturday, I will definitely be finishing this one.


RevenantsRevenants: The Odyssey Home by Scott Kauffman

Similar to Illuminae, this book is showing up on another TBR list and dammit it’s time to finally read it. I’ve had this book since April (big thank you to Scott for sending it to me!!) and have been meaning to read it since May. I picked it up right before finals week and wasn’t able to get sucked in. I wanted to give this book a fair chance, so I put it down in favor of some contemporary books. I’m just over 100 pages into this book and want to read the remaining 200 pages so I can get my review up.

The Lost SoulThe Lost Soul by K. S. Marsden

This is the first book in a new fantasy duology that sounds absolutely amazing. Β The world in this book is in a revolution and they need to find a new hero to help reunite the realm. Two unsuspecting characters are brought over, however one will doom the relm when the other will save it. I was sent this book for review by the author and I’m excited to dive in.


The Dreadful Tale of Prosper ReddingThe Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding by Alexandra Bracken

This is a Middle Grade fantasy book that sounds freaking amazing. Prosper learns that his body is being inhabited by a demon, Alastor who was betrayed by one of Prosper’s relatives. Prosper now needs to free himself from the demon’s trap and avoid succumbing to a new deal.

Honestly, this book sounds great. I love the concept of a Middle Grade book dealing with demonic possession and I can’t wait to see what the author does with this concept.

gentleman's guideThe Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee

This book has been all over the bookish community and I’m ready to hop on this bandwagon. Many people have recommended the audiobook for this one, so I got that with my audible credit for this month. I’m so excited to finally dive in to this one. I plan on listening to the audiobook during times I’m not able to read (making food, on the train, eating, walking, etc.). The audiobook is 10 hours and 45 minutes long, I usually listen on 1.25x or 1.5x, which will knock the listening time down to around 7 hours.

Total Books: 5

Total Pages: 1593 pages

Can I do it? Probably not. But it will be fun to try!

This is a CRAZY ambitious TBR and I can’t wait to see how many books I’m able to get to.

Do you want to participate? Great! To be part of the main group, be sure to sendΒ @lexdidemsbookcorner a message on Instagram. If you’re not on Instagram, no worries! You’re more than welcome to just read for 24 hours on your own!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram to watch my live updates.

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