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Spider-Man: Homecoming – Movie Reaction/Review

Hey everyone, So I know this isn't bookish, but it's Marvel so it counts. I just saw Spider-Man: Homecoming and oh my gosh, what a great flick. I'm seriously still on the high from seeing it, so this will really just be a reaction review. I do have a short, five-minute YouTube video that summarize… Continue reading Spider-Man: Homecoming – Movie Reaction/Review

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ThinkGeek Capsule (#1) Unboxing

Hey everyone! So this subscription service isn't book related, but it is fandom related so I hope you enjoy it! You can also watch my unboxing here: For those of you not familiar with ThinkGeek, it's a fantastic fandom store. They have merch for most fandoms out there in addition to other geeky goodies.… Continue reading ThinkGeek Capsule (#1) Unboxing